King Solomon's Special Double Sided Angelic Protection Talismanic Amulet

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Individually crafted in solid sterling silver and supplied in a quality presentation box. Order today and you will also receive a FREE solid sterling silver chain with this talisman. The size of the talisman is 25mm across.

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This powerful protection talismanic pendant was originally designed in the age of miracles over 3000 years ago, by King Solomon with the aid of the Archangel Haniel. Its holy script is written in the celestial Angelic language of creation, and calls on the Angels named on the talisman to befriend its owner and bless their life with the gift of divine Angelic protection on all levels both physical and Spiritual.

Angelic Blessings and Gifts associated with ownership of this holy King Solomon Angelic Protection talisman.

Ownership of King Solomon’s Angelic protection talisman assures its owner of direct Angelic help and protection when confronted with aggression and physical danger. Ownership acts as a divine Angelic shield when in the presence of negative people or evil entities and helps protect its wearer from physical and Spiritual danger, all Evil, and Low Spirits. Created with the aid of the Archangel Haniel, its sacred script declares:- the Lord at thy right hand shall protect you from all danger and evil. If thou art attacked by anyone or any evil entity, thou shalt neither be injured nor wounded, for your attacker’s weapons and evil shall be turned against them. This unique talisman gains its protective Angelic powers by using the creative forces of Solomon’s Fourth and Sixth Celestial Pentacles of Mars, on the front and back of this talismanic pendant. It respectfully calls on the Angels named on the talisman to befriend the talisman’s owner and bestow on them the gift of divine Angelic protection from all physical danger, and requests that the Angels themselves act as an Angelic shield against all evil things including demonic entities.

Ownership of King Solomon’s Angelic protection talisman also assures its wearer of direct Angelic protection from the new worldwide Phenomenon known as the Black-Eyed Children. These black-eyed soulless entities, in the form of children, are increasingly walking unnoticed among us, feeding on our life-force, and causing fatal illnesses and chronic dark depression. A quick Google search will shock you to see how prolific the worldwide encounters with these demonic entities have become in recent years. They are reported to take the form of young children who try to trick or intimidate their victims into inviting them into their home. They are reported to usually appear at one’s door late at night, or sometimes a car door just as their victim is about to get out of the car, and at first appear to be two lost children. They are said to project a terrifying hypnotic aura making it extremely hard for their intended victim to resist their request to enter their home or car. Eye witnesses have described them as having blond hair, with very pale, dead looking skin and black soulless eyes. At present, we know very little of their true intentions, as the only people who have reported their terrifying encounters are the lucky ones who have escaped. To date there is not a single report from any person who has actually allowed these black-eyed demonic creators to enter either their home or car, so what happens to these people we can only conjecture and say a pray for their souls.

However, it is highly unlikely that any owner of our King Solomon’s Angelic protection talisman will ever encounter these demonic entities as they are repelled by all holy items, such as our King Solomon’s Angelic protective talismanic amulet or our powerful holy Chi-ro protective amulet shown on our other site Both talismans are equally powerful and protective. It is up to each person to decide which of our two powerful Angelic protective talismans they are more drawn to and prefer. Humanity is fast approaching the most violent, dangerous, and evil period in our history. For this reason, our Adept highly recommends King Solomon’s protective Angelic talismanic amulet and our Chi-ro Protective amulet as a 'must' for all our valued customers.

The life-enhancing King Solomon talismans offered on this website were originally designed for the benefit of all humanity by the biblical King Solomon with the aid of the Angel Haniel, and are today preserved in King Solomon's famous ancient manuscripts on the creation of holy Angelic talismans, known as the Clavicula Salomonis. Our Master Adept creates each talisman in full adherence to the celestial holy formulae and holy rituals originally disclosed to King Solomon by the Angel Haniel and outlined in the famous Clavicula Salomonis manuscripts. Original copies of the ancient Clavicula Salomonis manuscripts are at present in the possession of the British Museum, London.