King Solomon's Special Double Sided Angelic Good Fortune Talisman

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Individually crafted in solid sterling silver and supplied in a quality presentation box. Order today and you will also receive a FREE solid sterling silver chain with this talisman. The size of the talisman is 25mm across.

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This exceptionally lucky ancient talismanic pendant was originally designed in the age of miracles over 3000 years ago, by the biblical King Solomon, with the aid of the Archangel Haniel. Its holy script is written in the celestial Angelic language of creation, and calls on the Angels named on the talisman to befriend its owner and bless their life with the Angelic gift of Good Fortune and Prosperity. Ownership of King Solomon’s Good Fortune talisman is known to attract highly positive and noticeable Angelic blessings, and direct Angelic assistance and guidance to help its owner experience a successful and lucky life.

Angelic Blessings and Gifts associated with ownership of this holy King Solomon Good Fortune talismanic pendant.

The holy script on the King Solomon’s Good Fortune talisman respectfully requests the friendship and presence of holy Angels in the life of the talisman’s owner. These Angelic friends help create beneficial opportunities for the talisman owner to experience good fortune, prosperity, and real happiness.

Past owners have testified that within weeks of receiving their King Solomon Good Fortune talisman they started to experience visible and unexpected good fortune in many areas of their life. Also, that their life started to became more joyful, exciting, and prosperous. Several owners also experienced unusual good fortune when participating in Games of Chance such as Competitions, Bingo, Lotteries etc.

This remarkably lucky talismanic pendant gains its sacred power to attract the Angelic gifts of good fortune and worldly success to its owner, by using the celestial creative forces of King Solomon’s First Sacred Pentacle of Jupiter and his Second Sacred Pentacle of Jupiter, displayed on the front and back of this holy talismanic pendant. Owners of this highly auspicious ancient talisman are assured that they will experience the blessings of Angelic good fortune and notice that a loving and friendly Angelic presence has entered their life.

The life-enhancing King Solomon talismans offered on this website were originally designed for the benefit of all humanity by the biblical King Solomon with the aid of the Angel Haniel, and are today preserved in King Solomon's famous ancient manuscripts on the creation of holy Angelic talismans, known as the Clavicula Salomonis. Our Master Adept creates each talisman in full adherence to the celestial holy formulae and holy rituals originally disclosed to King Solomon by the Angel Haniel and outlined in the famous Clavicula Salomonis manuscripts. Original copies of the ancient Clavicula Salomonis manuscripts are at present in the possession of the British Museum, London.